Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tibetan Mala Beads

I thought I'd mention that I've been drawn to some really lovely beads taken from old Tibetan Prayer Malas. I think my interest in them has much to do with the extent to which Tibet has been on my mind and in my heart of late. Seems as though all manner of things are stirring up for Tibetan people and as is often the case, that "stirring" is bringing things to a high, chaotic pitch. My hope is that the truth of Tibet's story not become distorted in the midst of the high passion and energy that's getting expressed. Those who "stir things up" are often discredited for their "stirring". Anyway...
Back to the beads. These beads are exquisite and come in very different styles, shapes and materials. I am most attracted to the yak bone beads that feature metal or gem chip inlay. I'm posting shots of the items I have in my shop that integrate these great beads.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today's my birthday! One of things I love about my birthday this year is that all of my birthday numbers are even...2,4,6,8...Just a thing with me. Love those symmetrical even numbers. Used to love symmetry in everything. My necklace designs, however, are often not symmetrical, like the first two photos on the right. They feel quite balanced to me, but they are not classically symmetrical in design.
The last photo posted is my current symmetrical favorite, and since it's my birthday maybe I'll gift it to myself if it doesn't find an etsy-buyer...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thinking of Monhegan

It's raining here in Vermont today and we still have 6" of snow on the ground. Ugly day, can't get down my steep driveway until the sand-man does his thing because the snow base that was my driveway is now a vertical ice rink. A day such as this gets me thinking of warm, RockSunWater filled Monhegan days. And the colors of Monhegan...So inspiring. Flickr photos below.