Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Items...

Yet another season has passed since my last post...But I think I have a system. I seem to be a "Seasonal Post-er". Not sure if that's a disorder or what, but looks like a personal trend and seems to work.

I've added many new items to my shop lately and most recently are holiday themed pieces. I recently found these amazing rough-cut, irregularly faceted Ruby slab/nuggets that I really love. I love beads that are rough-cut, unpolished and irregularly faceted and these are a standout. The Citrine used in the Ruby Citrine necklace was a great find as well - thick, roughly faceted with many inclusions.

The Amethyst is another great example of what I'm drawn to - the nuggets are rough, stone faceting is irregular and one bead is unlike the next. They look great with the more uniform Chalcedony square.

There. I've met my seasonal requirement. Such a recalcitrant blogger...
See you in the Spring.

Happy Holidays!