Thursday, January 22, 2009

There's Something About These Beads...

There's something about these beads...Perhaps it's that they've had a past life as devotional markers, or guides. Perhaps it's that I'm drawn these days to things that help my own journey to find the paths that are meant for me be they clearly marked or quite obstructed. Or perhaps it is simply the less flattering fact that I am one who can get rather attached (insert obsessive, fixated...or maybe passionate, focused).

The Tibetan Mala Beads that I use are salvaged from the remains of old Tibetan Prayer Malas. Malas use many different types of beads made from a variety of organic materials. The beads that I am most drawn to are made using Yak bone. The most common bead of this type and that I use most often have a beaded band of Copper or Brass inlay or inlay of alternating chips of Turquoise and Coral. I am particularly fond of the beaded bands of Copper and Brass. The beads are usually 12mm across but may also be as wide as 20mm.

I love these beads. I love wondering where they've been, whose hands have moved over them in prayer and meditation, smoothing and softening the inlay of brass and copper. There seems to be an endless perfect pairing, just right matching of them with stones that I have about my work area. Each pair of earrings I create using the Mala beads is a variation on this favorite theme Tibetan Mala Bead. In this series each earring pair is unique and waiting to be claimed by they're rightful wearer. They seem to move on quickly, too. So there's something about them.

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cottasofia said...

Good info you provide here. Looks good this pics. I LOVE this earrings.