Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Calcite Love

In the past year or so I've discovered and quickly fallen in love with Calcite. Calcite is a carbonate mineral commonly found in limestone that is formed by dead marine organisms such as shell, sponges, and algae. In addition to sedimentary rock like limestone it is found in marble, mineral deposits from hot springs and the remarkable stalactites and stalagmites found in caves.

Calcite is most commonly found in shades of yellow and orange, from pale yellow to dark amber hues. It has a buttery and creamy look and feel to it - a bit waxy seeming in fact. Less common are shades of blue, gray and green. My favorite examples of the stone are the dark yellow/orange tones in slabs or thick nuggets. They are luscious. Smooth, waxy, dense, buttery, warm.

There is a warmth to Calcite that just keeps drawing me back to it. My hands are repeatedly reaching for these stones...They seem to serve as a natural worry stone. I'm particularly taken by the large eye-shaped faceted slabs in the first photo. When I sit down to create my hand inevitably wanders to the growing collection of calcite that sits two stretches to the left of the labradorite and just right of the amethyst. The stones that I often pair with Calcite are carnelian and turquoise. They are beautifully matched with coral and brass as well. There's something about the way these elements work together that seems to deepen their effect that is satisfying on so many levels. For me there is the experience of deepening warmth and reaching far into soul that is hard to put into words.

And, if all that weren't enough, it's Metaphysical Properties are said to enhance one's physical and psychic energy and to provide soothing and grounding. It is also said to help manifest dreams!

If you haven't found your way to Calcite yet, I suggest you check it out whether you are a jewelry wearer or creator or both! It is sure to satisfy.

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cottasofia said...

Calcite is also a stone of spirituality, wisdom and reconciliation. It amplifies energy and is helpful in lessening of fear and reducing stress.

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